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African ScorpionsThere are many different species of scorpion in Africa, but South Africa has one of the largest in the world reaching a monster size of 21 centimeters. These over sized scorpions do have venom, but it is harmless to all but the very young and the elderly,They do possess a very large pair of pincers though, which can give a person quite a nasty nip, but other than that, they usually just scare people away with their size. Other scorpion stings in South Africa cause between 10 and 12 deaths ever year..

This is one game where we need to get a result, either a tie or a win, because down the road Pederson goes to national team camp, Devlin said. So we re without her for a little while. If we happen to drop a point or two during that spell, then it s a bit of an uphill battle..

They used to be a staple of savings, bought by parents for children and deducted from paycheques. But the venerable Canada Savings Bond days may be numbered, based on a new report.The report from KPMG and its subsidiary ITnet calls for the government retail debt program, which includes Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds, to be wound down.primary recommendation of the evaluation study team is that (it) be wound down in an orderly fashion, the report states, which says a frills option could be created if the government finds there is some non financial benefit to the program.Nobody has it, nobody recommends and nobody owns itGood riddance, say some, to low paying bonds which yielded a scant 1 per cent when the last issue was announced for Canada Premium Bonds back in rid of the penny, it time to get rid of the Canada Savings Bond, said Ted Rechtshaffen, a certified financial planner and president of TriDelta Financial. Has it, nobody recommends and nobody owns it.Bond crash is so crazy BlackRock Inc is ripping up its risk modelsWorst bond crash in almost 30 years is early warning of turmoil to comeRechtshaffen acknowledges growing up with CSBs, GICs and a bank account but says investing has involved well beyond that and adds the pricing is poor and the terms keep you locked in for a period of time.

Oh we’re not shaming him at the end. Dave Taylor deserves an apology. P.If his weight has blown out, it’s no one else’s business but his own TBH.Imagine if they’d taken aim at Erin Molan’s weight/figure instead; they’d be an uproar to rival all uproars..

LINDSAY: Well, there’s definitely a lot of malicious cyber activity that’s happening. The question is whether this really raises to the level of a national security threat, whether because it is a massive transfer of wealth through espionage or if there are risks to our critical infrastructure on the level of, you know, large scale military attack. And there are big debates on both of those questions..

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