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Not that you can’t enjoy it, I think lots of younger people do. But it has special meaning when you directly relate to it. It’s as if you were reading a 90s nostalgia book with dial up Internet, references to Titanic, Matrix, Game Boy, Tamagachis, and Star Wars prequels.

What types of files can be saved on a flash drive? Any type of file can be saved to a flash drive. In order to use the files on a different computer the corresponding software has to be installed on that computer. The same is true for digital photos with the JPEG extension which is common to most any computer.

It becomes a rung bell that can never be un rung. It serves as a beacon of potential hope for anyone close who many be facing similar issues. And it symbolically permits the person to move on from the part of their life they believe was lived as a lie.

The second step was to extract motion features from videos of birds in flight, which were used for automatic classification. The motion of birds was described using a group of six features, which have not previously been used for bird species classification. The proposed motion features, when combined with the appearance features improved classification.

Goal was to be the first Mainer, she said. Time goal, before I knew how humid it was going to be, I wanted to be under 35 minutes. My workouts had indicated I could be right around 35. You might question a company that sells cars and trucks when it tries to position itself as a “mobility” company, as if a Bay Area bike share sponsorship and recently acquired shuttle service change the marketer’s core product. But you can’t question this ad’s touch with vignettes that are relatable instead of boring, soundtrack choice (Nina Simon’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”) and affirmation that sitting behind the wheel in traffic isn’t the only life there is. In terms of corporate branding, Ford just gave itself a big push..

By gain those information Nike can monitor their shopping habits and Nike can send special offers to their emails. By doing this Nike would know which popular product was sold. Another example would be is that customer helps Nike to make the product what the customer wants.

But what if what we counted dealt with Jesus like activities? What if we counted how many in our congregation did activities for the poor, opened their house to their neighbors, participated in acts of justice? In this way, what we track in our churches is in synch with our stated theology; our numbers ‘in church’ are those who follow Jesus into the world. In our church growth class, we came to the conclusion that when we track kingdom like activity instead of static church membership rolls, we come closer to McGavran’s goal of numbers as a window into the work of the Holy Spirit. But if we also know that 100 ppl are part of our weekly gathering, then that 25 number means something even more.

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