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You need a strong sole in order to be a successful hiker! That’s sole, not soul. You may want to know why it’s so important for good, high quality hiking boots to have a good soul. You may also inquire as to what a “good sole” actually is, so let’s get to it, shall we?.

There have been many Cougar highlights, but one of the top moments in BYU tournament history was when BYU upended No. 1 Stanford before defeating No. 2 Long Beach State to take the 2000 tournament title. You are just making policies that will benefit that majority of your countrymen. How can you know what will benefit your country if you never worked an honest job, or experienced their same hardships and standard of living? Most politicians are so removed from the average persons struggles it makes people sick, that how you get a person like Trump into office.dem_glasses 13 points submitted 5 months agoI really laugh at what crypto has become. All about PARTNERSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Since then, he has built an entire foundation, Just Capital, around the idea and developed a series of metrics to measure corporate America on more than mere profits, using annual polls to determine what corporate practices, including how workers are treated and job creation, matter most to Americans.Up until now, Jones measure of corporate America was simply a list of companies, a ranking that he hoped would encourage chief executives to think more about doing right by society.But now it is about to become a financial product.Ethically challenged: Facebook turns toxic for some ESG funds as shares sink againOMERS backing RBC ETF that looks for ‘commitment to gender diversity’Starbucks, Google, Apple assailed by shareholders over gender policiesOn Wednesday, Goldman Sachs will jump into the social impact investing world, using Jones metrics to build a new exchange traded fund.The fund is a feel good version of the Russell 1000, tracking the top 50 per cent of those companies in every industry based on Just Capital publicly available model, which scores businesses using a complex formula related to workers, customers, products, environment, jobs, communities and management. Only 6 per cent of the calculation of the index relates to how well a company provides investor return.The top five companies in the 2017 rankings all came from the tech sector: Intel was No. 1, followed by Texas Instruments, Nvidia, Microsoft and IBM.Whether the formula is a winning one for investors is a bit of an open question.

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