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Developing better sports and fitness programmes within schools is high on the political agenda. In the wake of so many schools selling land previously used for outdoor recreation and sports space, many now rely on outside providers to come in and teach sports as an extra curricular alternative. For many schools this poses a challenge, not just in allocating precious budget, but also in finding the time amongst an already full academic calendar..

I have had the EXACT same problems for years now! In fact, just today, I wore a brand new shirt that I literally just took off the tags! During dinner, I looked down and noticed the stupid holes! I did not wash this shirt. I wore it brand new! I am SO EXTREMELY frustrated! I was thinking that it must be me leaning against the counter and rubbing up against the zipper. I however, do not have a granite countertop.

Rudy “9/11 Made People Forget That I’m Gollum’s Dad” Giuliani accused Barack Obama of not loving America in 2015 because he wasn’t brought up “the way you were brought up and I was brought up,” a statement that might score him brownie points with the snake people he associates with. People felt this dig at Obama was somewhat prejudicial, so with typical Giuliani good sense, he leapt to his own defense by pointing out that Obama’s mom is white. Do you see how that works? Do you see how he has a white mom, and then therefore Giuliani’s statement isn’t racist? Yeah, you don’t see that, because it doesn’t make any kind of goddamn sense.

It causes you to shorten your stride length a little bit. It causes you to really change the mechanics of how you run. For some people, that may be beneficial; for other people, it may be detrimental.. In addition, Armstrong has stepped down from the board of energy drink manufacturer FRS, and his name and image are being removed from the packaging of specialty foods manufactured by Honey Stinger, a company he partially owns. Certainly seem to be spinning out of control for the former champion, considering his sponsors are dropping him left and right. But at the very least, he in good company plenty of other athletes have lost their lucrative sponsorship deals.

I think I peaked once at 120 MB/s but get a steady 30 on long downloads. If you visit /r/DataHoarder though, some of them make my numbers look like rookie numbers.ElegantBiscuit 139 points submitted 2 days agoThe one that really started pissing me off was the one where the girl has an iPhone 6 and complaining that it was slow. Then some guy says you should try a Samsung S8 and then something about being so much faster.

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